Upcoming Conference

Triennial Conference 2019

University of Poznań (July 2019)

IAUPE is a global association of scholars and teachers dedicated to the study of English in all its facets. It was formed shortly after the Second World War with the idea of getting senior representatives of English as an academic subject together, irrespective of the ravages of war. The Association flourished, and currently has approximately 500 members, spread over six continents.

Once every three years, in summer, IAUPE members meet for a conference that lasts for a full working week, attracting hundreds of members from all over the world. Conferences normally alternate between English- and non-English-speaking countries. IAUPE conferences have a number of distinctive features. First, the academic programme is unusually comprehensive, ranging from Anglo-Saxons to the 21st century. Second, the conference builds community among scholars who, while all belonging to “English,” would not ordinarily come together. Owing to the broad international representation and the collegial atmosphere, IAUPE conferences provide opportunities for like-minded colleagues to meet. IAUPE meetings have an excellent though unwritten record of sowing the seeds of cooperative projects.

Third, IAUPE conferences always include special cultural and social events—concerts, excursions, and so on—intended to provide conference participants and their partners with opportunities to become acquainted with the best that the venue can offer.

The official conference site for 2019 is here: < http://wa.amu.edu.pl/iaupe2019/>.